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Boracay Island belongs to the Western Visaya group of the Philippine Islands and is the heart of the Philippines. Boracay - a small paradise island (only 7km long and 1km from up to 4 km wide) north-east of the picturesque island of Panay (Panay), belongs to the province of Aklan, the local population of approximately 10 thousand people. But this figure is increasing by tens of times due to the huge flow of tourists from all over the world, which is rightly called a "butterfly island" one of the most beautiful and interesting places in the world.

Boracay - is about 10 white-sand beaches, the best-known and large (4 km in length) is the White Beach (White Beach), but for fans of kite surfing and windsurfing - Bulabog Beach (Bulabog Beach), where most of the year ideal wind conditions and moderate wave.

Boracay - is a gentle clean sea: from the west - Sulu (Sulu Sea), from the east - Sibuyan (Sibuyan Sea), and to the south separates the paradise island of Tablas Strait Panay (Tablas).

Boracay - is a first class resort island where there are hotels of all classes (from simple motels and villas for rent to hotels Class AAA and six-star Shangri-La (Shangri-La), style (from the National bungalow before the Asian Art Nouveau) and direction (from cozy calm to energetic, located in the heart of night life). Boracay - is a wide range of restaurants (national, European, Mexican, Moroccan, Asian cuisine), bars (with a huge selection of drinks, cocktails and music) and, of course, night bars, clubs, where morning comes imperceptibly with the rhythms of your favorite music.

Boracay - is a huge range of souvenirs made of wood and shells, as made by local residents, and brought back to the main islands, and beach shops, going on that you can occupy yourself during the hottest hours.

Moreover, despite its small size, Boracay is full of places that are worth visiting:

Mount Lyuho (Luho) - the highest point of the island (110m), with an observation tower which offers an incredible view, especially at sunset.

Puka Beach (Puka) - the northernmost point of the island, famous for its unusual spiral shells, which are used in the manufacture of jewelry designers, many of the world. Moreover, the sand of this beach like the cereal that is a great pleasure in walking barefoot, and in the jungle are found little monkeys.

Cave Volatile Fox (Bat Cave) - a place for thrill-seekers, where with the help of the conductor must descend from the very depths filled with bats-foxes caves and swim and an underground lake. A few steps from the Caves Volatile Lees is Crystal (Crystal Cave) - a small cave with the glowing wall.

Garden of Butterflies (Butterfly Garden) - located on the territory of one of the largest in the Philippines, a golf club. Garden even more attracted tourists with its friendly, flying foxes, which can treat mango, and a fun white owl.

Crystal Island (Crystal Cove) - island nature reserve, near Boracay, in which there are 2 interesting caves: one crystal, and the second leading to a mysterious grotto. The whole style of the island creates a sense of fabulousness.

Alligator Island (Crocodile Island) - is also situated near the small island of Boracay, famous for his wonderful underwater coral garden in the bush where you can find hidden or lost treasure. The best place for diving. In addition, Boracay are: not a few well-known "dead mangrove forest, a museum and seashells on the beach Ilig-Iligan (Ilig-Iligan), Museum of Gloria and Roberto Tyrol - private museum, showing the cultural heritage of China.

Surrounded by magnificent sea Boracay - a perfect place for all sorts of water sports, boating or a local boat. Snow-white beaches of Boracay long been recognized as one of the best in the world. However, despite the fantastic popularity among fans of the island beach holidays, dive industry is well developed no less. Divers can visit such places for diving as: alligator Island (Crocodile Island), Lorel (Laurel), Yapak (Yapak), Angol Point (Angol Point), Fraiday’s Rock (Friday's Rock), Bulabog (Bulabog Area), and in the vicinity Panaya visit Buruanga (Buruanga Point), Cape Nasog (Nasog), Black Rock (Black Rock), Dog Drift (Dog Drift) and Rack (wreck). Possible multi-day diving tours around the islands and Panaya Romblon (Romblon), Tablas (Tablas) and Semirara (Semirara).

For fans of eco-tourism destination in 15 minutes from the Panay Boracay is located - a large island, where you can visit the cascading waterfalls, one of the longest caves in the Philippines, mountain springs, and also to professional and amateur rafting down one of the cleanest rivers.

Moreover, in January at a local festival held Boracay Ati-Atihan, famous for colorful national dresses and fun dances. Also, throughout the year there are events such as: food and drink festivals, competitions in beach volleyball, rowing, yacht festivals, tours of kiting and golf, as well as all sorts of music and bikini contests.

Also a highlight of each evening are great new sand castles along the shore, each in its own unique and decorated with candles.

Truly, Boracay - Paradise, which you never want to leave!

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