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The island of Cebu is located in the central part of the Philippine archipelago (island group belongs to the Visayas), to the east of the island of Negros and Leyte in the west. To the south-east of Cebu is the island of Bohol.

Cebu - The Island of elongated shape, extended from north to south for 225 km in width - up to 45 km. The area - about 4486 km2. The capital island of Cebu, Cebu City, located on the east bank, opposite the Mactan Island - the second largest and oldest city in the Philippines.

The small island of Mactan, associated with the island of Cebu bridge - a historical place. In 1521, committing the world's first circumnavigation, on the shore of the island stepped Ferdinand Magellan, who was soon killed in battle, the local leader of Lapu-Lapu. At the spot where the famous explorer died in 1886, a monument to Magellan, while as a monument to Lapu-Lapu stands on the square in front of the municipality.

Sebu - a large island with plenty of opportunities for interesting holiday. Of particular note Moalboal town and small islands Malapaskua and Badian. Moalboal - "Mecca" divers around the world, a small town located, 89 kilometers southwest of the capital of Cebu. Near Moalboala is Badian Island, which is an elegant five-star resort Badian Island Resort & SPA, therefore, besides the amazing diving, you can enjoy the magnificent and exclusive service of one of the finest boutique hotels of the world and unique SPA-SPA-procedures, the best center in the Philippines.

Cebu, perhaps the most historically significant island of the Philippines. Here in 1521, banks dropped their anchors the great explorer Ferdinand Magellan. Got involved in tribal disputes, he was killed the leader of the neighboring island of Mactan. In 1886 at the site where the famous Portuguese monument was set. Curiously, in the same area a monument to the leader of Lapu-Lapu (Lapu-Lapu), who killed Magellan. If Magelan revered as the discoverer Filipinos Europe and Christianity, the Lapu-Lapu in the opinion of local residents - the first fighter against the Spanish colonization. Such is the dialectic in the Philippines.

Success in colonization was given to reach the other conquistadors - Miguel de Legazpi (Miguel Lopez de Legazpi). According to the legend on the spot death of Magellan in 1565, he founded the city of Cebu, the first city in the Philippines, their first capital. Legaspi baptize the local population and Cebu from the time regarded as the cradle of Christianity in the East. At Cebu is the oldest Spanish fortress, the very first street, the first school, etc.

Probably the most famous attraction of the region - the grave of Magellan, located on about. Mactan. In the Basilica of Santo Niño (Holy Child, Jesus) is the Cross of Magellan, Portuguese navigator, was erected on reaching the Philippines. Cross in the opinion of believers has healing magic properties. Monuments of Magellan and his murderer Lapu-Lapu, standing on the sides of the same area - an indispensable object tourists.

Fort San Pedro - the oldest (1565) Spanish fortress in the Philippines. He had formerly served as a bastion of Spanish colonization, an observation post, protecting the city against attacks from the south, after - an army garrison, a prison and even the city zoo. Today it houses the regional department of tourism and outdoor theater.

In the church of St. Augustine is the oldest store in the country of the Christian relic - the icon of the Holy Child Jesus, presented by Magellan to Queen Juana of Cebu for her baptism.

Chinese (Taoist) temple built by the representatives of the Chinese community at the top of the hill of the prestigious district of Beverly Hills. A traditional Chinese temple architecture and the extraordinary beauty interior stand out among the local Philippine landscape.

Guitar Factory. It is believed that some of the best guitars in the world are doing on Maktane. Visiting the factory, you can get acquainted with the process of making guitars, but if you want to buy a musical instrument or a souvenir (mini-guitar, made from coconut). Falls Kavasan (Kawasan) - the step cascade of crystal-clear water from mountain springs in a thick tropical forest. Located 115 km from Cebu City.


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