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Manila, the capital of the Philippines, is located on the north-east of Luzon on the shores of Manila Bay. The capital of the Philippines is a complex conglomerate, which includes up to 17 cities in the satellites, which are home to about 10 million people. In the capital, we will offer many excursions, which will tell the history of this city and its environs.

The heart of Manila is located in Intramuros (which means "within the walls"), behind the wall once enclosing the first Spanish settlement. Fort and the Church of St. Augustine are still excellent examples of colonial architecture. Ancient ruins, destroyed during the First World War, still dominate the landscape, whereas the modern buildings already flock to the distant heavens.

Among the interesting places and attractions of Manila should be noted the historic Rizal Park, Chinatown, where you can buy products from gold and pearls. Sunset at Manila Bay - one of the most beautiful in the world. You can enjoy them while walking along the Roxas boulevard. At the end of the boulevard is the Philippine Cultural Center, is the fine arts, western and eastern music dances are interwoven in the work of folk groups Ramon Obusan, as a permanent place of business of the Philippine Ballet Theatre and Orchestra.

In an hour's drive along the picturesque countryside of Manila is a beautiful view of Taal Volcano, which is known for that is the smallest volcano in the world. In the church of San Jose to Las Piñas City (a suburb of Manila), you can see the unique organ, pipes which are made of bamboo.

You can also make a trip by canoe down the river Pagsanhan, during which enjoy the beauty of virgin nature.

In addition, in Manila are located the interesting museums. Among them, the museum of Santo Tomas, which contains exhibits on natural history and archeology, National Museum, which includes sections on anthropology, botany, geology, zoology and art. While in Manila, you can visit the Chinese and Japanese gardens and the city planetarium.

Separately, to draw attention to the unusual Ermita district, located near Rizal Park and Manila Bay. There are many eateries, night restaurants, pubs under the open sky, fashion shops, antique shops, stalls with crafts and curiosities.

There is in Manila a "Manhattan" - business and financial center of the city, its "Montmartre" (street Mabin), where he lives and artistic bohemia, his "Soho" - Portal "the streets of sin." In the Chinese region is home to over a million Chinese people with their traditions, customs, way of life.

Manila - a paradise for shopping. Almost every known trade brands at prices significantly lower than in Europe. The area is full of all sorts of Makati, shopping malls, where you can spend more than one day. Yes, and almost every station has a shopping center.

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